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  4. Monday, May 13 a. Friday, May 17 a. Tuesday, May 21 9 p. Thursday, May 23 9 p. May not make any difference, but that is my logic. I used to work for a company that got bought out and they added a 7 in front of our badge numbers, so everyone knew from your badge where you came from. We used to call it the dreaded 7 badge. Daniel B. If you have nights plus two million base points with Marriott alone not Starwood then you would qualify, yes. My assumption would be the nighter Lifetime Status — the better the chances for an upgrade.

    We will see…. So a few hundred complaint comments later, any well-connected blogger know when the issues will be solved once and for all? Like Gary Leff, I was also showing 3 years as Plat prior to combining when I had actually earned 6 years.

    I would not assume that matched years will count and that may get corrected in the future. It also may be the case that I am not getting credit for Marriott status gained via status match, rollover nights, or soft landing. There has been no communication on what counts or what does not. Yes I get more or less the lifetime benefits promised, less suite confirmed stays, but it sits poorly.

    It does not appear to me that the Lifetime Status is corrected as of yet. Take me for example. So, I have clearly qualified for the new Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite level double qualified if only that was a thing! I am at nights and 1,, points right now. Dodson — SPG elites who qualify only get the status as of early , as far as I know. I think there will be a sweep and it will post at once for everyone who is eligible. I learned of Prive via a recent column of your and now question needing Hyatt status with HH diamond via Amex, lifetime plat at MRriott, prive at Hyatt.

    See point 4. Perhaps if you carefully read further down you will find an answer on why your lifetime status is not what you expected?

    R29 Original Series

    Just an idea. I stand corrected. Would it count? With all of the complaints, I am pleasantly surprised with the accounts merger. Prior to combining my accounts I was at lifetime Marriott nights and about 30 SPG nights, along with 10 years Marriott Platinum and about 1,, points. Today, the account finally caught up, and I have lifetime nights, 11 years platinum and what I figure is 1,, although lifetime points is missing on the site.

    I am only 12 nights from the , and have that many nights planned between now and the end of September between holiday and business travel, so no real need to do any mattress runs.

    Orlando: Top tips for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney and Universal -

    I should also reach the 2 million points mark so I am confident I will qualify for lifetime platinum premier elite through both methods, and agree if you are close, it is worth it to take some trips to get the extra qualifying nights. Remember, there are people at the other end of the line, and if you read the fine print, they can cancel your account at any time.

    But it only shows me as a Lifetime Silver Elite. Matt H — It sounds to me like you should be. If you miss Hyatt Globalist because of staying at the Mormons, it may be less worth it compared to already having qualified for major other status you may want to reach.

    Peter — Says who? Lucky I just called the hotel where I am staying to move up my reservation to tomorrow they are showing me as a PLT Premier. Marriott and Starwood nights both count toward both under the combined AND the legacy programs. The primary Starwood Lurker had many questions on this and was very clear that this is the answer. It is in the wiki on Flyertalk. He specifically said that he ran it by the loyalty team.

    Prize Categories and Odds

    I think many people are getting this wrong. Only Marriott points count towards 2,, lifetime pre-August Starwood points will not count at all. No idea how it works post August I do know based on personal experience that Ritz Carlton credit card points earned post August 18 are counting towards lifetime, just like they did earlier.

    Only Starwood nights count towards qualifying through stays in —Marriott nights will not count.