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Consequently, they determined the age by examining writing on the coins, as well as the ruler carved into them, estimating that the treasure was probably buried in either or AD.

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He offers as part of his evidence the fact that almost all of the coins found in the Hoxne Hoard were clipped — in other words, small chunks of their edges had been taken off. These clippings would have been used to create coins which were similar to the Roman coins of that era.

A silver-gilt spoon with a marine beast from the Hoxne Hoard. Currently in the British Museum. Reconstruction of the Hoxne treasure chest.

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Archaeologists also believe that the treasure belonged to a Romano-British family. During that time, considering that there was so much societal discord and upheaval, it was common for Romans who had settled in Britain to bury their most prized possessions. Two gold bracelets from the Hoxne Hoard, in the British Museum. That said, one archaeologist is of the belief that the hoard had a lot of sentimental value for the Romano-British family to whom it is believed to have belonged.

Sunken Treasure

Some of the items which were recovered had been packaged in small, wooden boxes which were lined with leather. This leads Catherine to assert that the package was carefully buried and not simply chucked away in a rush.

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Three silver-gilt Roman piperatoria or pepper pots from the Hoxne Hoard on display at the British Museum. Interestingly enough, the items unearthed might shed some light on the identity of the family who owned them. This has consequently led some to believe that Juliane and Aurelius were the couple and the original owners of the treasure.

Scattered but Not Forgotten: The Amazing Ancient Persian Gold and Silver Oxus Treasure

That said, that has yet to be confirmed. Two toiletry items, one in the shape of a crane-like bird; the other with an empty socket, probably for bristles for a makeup brush.

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