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Here's one more. This has specifically to do with us. I've had him here in Albuquerque twice to speak to my students-- not about the patriarchs. He doesn't believe that part of the Bible is historical. But he does a pretty good job in the Iron Age with David and Solomon and all that. He says this, "No responsible scholar goes out with a trowel in one hand and a Bible in the other. Well, this is how I respond. And I'll tell you why.

And now, you've heard me say it 13 times now over the years. That's simply because the Bible is still the best historical, geographical text we have preserved from antiquity period, bar none. That's just the way it is. Sorry, liberal friends. That's just the fact. Now, we have been involved in Sodom. And I want to bring you-- by the way, we're going to end up with the second coming tonight. I mean, not actually. I haven't made that kind of an arrangement. We're not going to end with the rapture tonight. I told Brian I was going to tell you that we have figured out, with a team of mathematicians, from the biblical text precisely when the rapture and the second coming will occur right down, we think, to the last hour or two.

And I was going to take you right up to the end and say, and it is-- oops, we're out of time. But no, we're not going to go that far. But we are going to end up with the second coming. And we're going to tie Sodom with the second coming, so we'll see how we can do that. But we've been involved with Sodom. And at the bottom line of it is this-- it is absolutely the best possibility of providing a test case to prove whether or not the Bible is historically factual or not.

It's absolutely the perfect test case. Here's why-- because it's accessible.

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Because the Bible geography is so specific as to its location-- and I'm not going into that tonight-- but it's so specific as to its location that it was really easy to find. People credit me with having discovered the city of Sodom-- kind of.

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But I can't really lay claim to that discovery, simply because if someone gave me a map of New Mexico and said, find Santa Fe. Santa Fe. I found it. The map is right. Could I take credit for discovering Santa Fe? Well, I can't take credit for discovering Sodom, because the biblical text is so specific as to the location of Sodom that all we did was follow the map, follow the biblical map.

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It took us to the location. And then we picked it up from there with archeology to demonstrate-- or not-- that the Bible was exactly correct about the city of Sodom and all the other cities of the plain. So we were able to get involved in that. We've been doing it for 13 years. And it's the perfect test case, because most people doubt the book of Genesis.

Most scholars doubted that Sodom and Gomorrah ever existed at all. And so it's perfect. And they say, well, what about Noah's ark? Well, there is no archeology associated with Noah's ark, because nobody knows where it is. And everybody who thinks they know where it is-- it's not there. There's nothing associated with reality with Noah's ark right now.

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Does it exist? Did it exist? But nobody knows. And but Sodom has a map. And if you go to that location, we can deal with it archaeologically, scientifically, and historically.

So it was the perfect case. And in fact, we were able to do some very important things. And I'm going to share those with you sequentially in a little bit. But first, I have to update you on this season. Now, I know you woke up this morning going, what I really need today is a fix of lots of rocks and dirt. When I put these things together, Danette always says to me, nobody wants to look at rocks and dirt. I mean, cut the pictures down, for Pete's sake.

Sodom and Gomorrah

No, I love to-- I hope you like looking at this stuff, because it's just cool. You're going to look into a biblical city. We're going to see some things that are talked about in the Bible. I mean, it's just cool. So here it is, for better or worse-- here's this season.

But I also want to show you some archeology in process. Here's our site. It's really, really big. Here's our site from a distance. You see the Upper City-- you can't even see the Lower City. All that area of green around-- that's all part of the site. It's all part of the city. They're growing bananas all over the place. And sometimes, they wind up destroying part of the city by planting bananas. But it's OK, because the Upper City is such a big pile of rocks that you can't plant anything there, so it's pretty safe. And so here, this red circle represents where we're excavating right now.

The Future of America: As It Was in the Days of Sodom

So the excavation from the last-- in fact, the last three seasons-- is in that location. Let's draw it in a little closer. And you see the first glimpse of camel one. I love camel one.

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Camel one is our truck. It's our Mitsubishi pickup truck, which we bought not this season, but the previous season. And we never had one up to this point.