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An attractive new alternative as both a translation and a pedagogical tool. The volume includes an excellent introduction by Dante scholar Steven Botterill Univ. The translator's preface explains Lombardo's choices as he faced the always-challenging task of rendering Dante's poetry into English. Among the most interesting choices are the occasional use of rhyme--especially in key passages and at the end of each canto, where interlocking rhymes that mimic Dante's terza rima are consistently employed--and an emphasis on creating a version that works well as an oral presentation, following the long tradition of private, public, and theatrical readings of the poem.

The volume includes the original Italian text, thus facilitating classroom references and comparisons. I deeply admired Lombardo's translations of Iliad and Odyssey , as did my students--they were universally complimentary, loving the way the poetry flowed, and many of them learned the habit of reading the text aloud, much to the astonishment of their classmates from other sections of the courses.

But their encounter with his Inferno was of a different order, as was mine. Lombardo's Inferno is so knowledgeable of the translation tradition which it uses to marvelous effect , so poetically well-crafted, so compelling to read, so well-documented without overwhelming the reader, that I simply did not want to put it down.

My students had much the same reaction. Although in the first session they were responsible for only the first third of the book, I quickly noticed that most of them had already read it through. William Patrick Wilkie. Claudia Hamilton Ramsay.

Dante's Inferno - Canto 7 Summary & Analysis

William Michael Rossetti. James Ford. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. First complete American translation. Comedy [4]. William Stratford Dugdale. James Romanes Sibbald. James Innes Minchin.

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Edward Hayes Plumptre. Frederick Kneeller Haselfoot Haselfoot. John Augustine Wilstach. William Warren Vernon. Comedy [5]. Translation used by Great Books of the Western World.

CLASSICS The Essential Homer - The Aeneid - The Morte Darthur - Inferno of Dante

Charles Lancelot Shadwell. Purgatorio and Paradiso. Marvellian stanzas. Sir Edward Sullivan.

Kelly Burch - Editor

Robert Urquhart. Eugene Jacob Lee-Hamilton. Philip Henry Wicksteed. Arthur Compton Auchmuty. Samuel Home. John Carpenter Garnier. Thomas Oakey. Edward Wilberforce. Sir Samuel Walker Griffith.

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Caroline C. Marvin Richardson Vincent. Charles Gordon Wright. Frances Isabella Fraser.

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Agnes Louisa Money. Charles Edwin Wheeler. Edith Mary Shaw. Edward Joshua Edwardes. Henry Johnson. Courtney Langdon. Eleanor Vinton Murray. Melville Best Anderson. Henry John Hooper.

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David James MacKenzie. Albert R. Sydney Fowler Wright. Inferno and Purgatorio. Jefferson Butler Fletcher. Lacy Lockert. Geoffrey Langdale Bickersteth.

Ralph Thomas Bodey. John Dickson Sinclair. Patrick Cummins. Dorothy Leigh Sayers. Penguin Classics edition. Thomas Weston Ramsey. Howard Russell Huse.

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Inferno recorded and released by Folkways Records in Glen Levin Swiggett. Mary Prentice Lillie. Warwick Fielding Chipman. Clara Stillman Reed. William F.