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Bannister An extensive book filled with strategies and effective ways to respond to conflict at home and at work, it serves as an impressive in-depth communications primer. Gehrman This guide speaks to people who want to operate from meaning in their lives and develop leadership qualities in themselves and others. It is about appearance, behavior, communication, style, authenticity.

It is about You: The Total Package. The Risk-Taking Handbook by Jim McCormick By embracing the advice and insights in this handbook and engaging in the exercises, readers can experience profound and wonderful risk-taking rewards in their lives. No More Little Old Ladies!

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This youthful-thinking pharmacist tells how. Includes a CD with forms, questions, worksheets, checklists, and legal guidelines. The Guiding Write: How to Impress, Influence and Interest Your Readers by Dee Dukehart To get your words to paint pictures and engage your readers, relearn the basic grammatical, punctuation, and syntax rules that add quality to your writing.

This book shows you how. Yes, this book conveys what each person can do to stop its devastation. Take action today! Press Pause.

No more crash and burn. No more blur and endure. Just 64 ways to find peace of mind from a life balance expert. Ramone answers that question in the title of this book. The chapters that follow add richness and fun. Laid Off? How to Get from Mad to Glad by Kitty Wiemelt Heartfelt stories by 21 people who share their gut-wrenching career-change experiences. Find support, encouragement, and fresh ideas on these pages. Fresh, insightful ideas that will help you unbridle your talent so that you and your business can thrive!

It reveals how to recover from and even enjoy challenges that once knocked you for a loop. Written by an Asian-Pacific consultant. Engineering Legends By Richard Weingardt, PE The unsung heroes of the engineering world and their achievements are featured in this collection of biographies.

Jenson What characteristics make the mark of an influencer in any walk of life? Jenson isolates 12 traits that all leaders should aspire to have in this classy, poetically written book. How do you hire the right ones and keep them happy?

Moving Beyond Worry and Anxiety by Joyce Meyer

Read this how-to book, backed by a wealth of experience and practical wisdom written. Bergmann This book spells out a revolutionary new way to help individuals in the workplace get free from the energy blocks that hold them—and their organizations—back.

12 Habits That Cause A Tremendous Amount of Stress In Your Life

Questions to Propel Your Business to Greatness by Suzy Allegra Through asking provocative questions, this book addresses the core values and qualities that make employees, customers, and vendors feel included. Finding it is the great puzzle. This workbook helps solve that puzzle beautifully. Jason: 1 Stigma: 0 My battle with mental illness at home and in the workplace by Jason Finucan Mental illness can be treated — but stigma can be cured.

Part memoir and part how-to, this engrossing book is the culmination of a lifetime of unique personal experiences with illness by the author. It provides a new perspective, one that allows a fresh awareness to come through—from the inside out. Michael Pipich This book prepares you to confront denial and pursue treatments for bipolar that involve specific medications, along with various therapies for yourself and your loved ones.

Lisa Lewis Familius This easy-to-read parenting book has a twist. Lewis concludes each section with tips from global baby-care routines. Highly informative. This book leads the way to profound transformation.

The Neuroscientific Research Into Gratitude

Encouraging and insightful for people with this disorder. Cubicle to Cuba: Desk Job to Dream Job by Heidi Siefkas Get ready for more adventures with tour guide Heidi who opens the mysteries of traveling in Cuba with stories from her travels worldwide. It shares personal life stories of emotional abuse, allowing readers to come to a greater understanding of their own lives. Find the complete prescription and cure here. How does one continue past the shame and grief? The answer is in The Formula. A compelling and true story with eye-opening insights.

Your Mother Called Mother Earth.

This outrageous book carries Mrs. For maximum effect, leave it in the bathroom for all to read. It will show you exactly how to make the dreaded scale your ally. Fun, informative. Zachry, PhD, OTR Published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, this book features more than time-tested activities for returning to the activities babies did in the s—and were better off for it!

In his caring way, Dr. Pobee gives comprehensive advice for moving your family member into a nursing home. DeCosta, MD The author tells the stories and reveals the faces of people living with food allergies, and what they did about them.

The Neuroscience of Gratitude and How It Affects Anxiety & Grief

Compelling and heartfelt as well as informative with excellent resources. He now discloses his popped-to-perfection secrets so that you can purchase, prepare, eat, and enjoy a full popcorn-driven experience. Discover how the ancient philosophical principles of Aristotle can help you the way to find contentment and happiness. Stop feeling empty, overwhelmed, confused, or dissatisfied and start feeling fulfilled, satisfied, certain, and in control.

This book is filled with tactics and encouragement for women whose loved ones are battling cancer. A treasure! Gigi has created a system for menu-planning, shopping, and easy meal preparation as part of a growing movement to get people to eat well at home more! Colleen Olitsky, Dr. Jason Olitsky Greenleaf Book Group These leading cosmetic dentists bust common misconceptions and present a step-by-step process for achieving the perfect smile in this well-illustrated guide to selecting a quality cosmetic dentist.

Mike Deninger Dr. We sat down in the Sacred Valley in Peru to talk about her experience in a religious cult, how she found the courage to get out, and how she found even more courage to go beyond the victimhood into a state of thriving. This week's episode comes to you from The Sacred Valley in Peru. I also get into fear, introvert vs extrovert, being connected with our emotions and the path of Cira wisdom. In this weeks episode I talk about some spiritual gossip, leaving our zone familiarity and going into the realm of change, my weekly quote and I issue the August Awakening challenge.

This episode I share some inner wisdom about health and nutrition and my thoughts on negative comments on social media. Jator Pierre is a Health Coach who specializes in helping people at all levels from internal health, nutrition, the the gut to emotional wellness.