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So if you want to try your hand at making breads and baked desserts, what you really want are baking cookbooks written just for vegans. Fortunately there are plenty of outstanding titles available. By checking this box, I authorise Vegan. And, I'm aware that I can withdraw my consent at any given time. Privacy Policy. Buying Vegan Baked Goods Locally You probably have far more options for local baked goods than you realize. Mail Order Options You can also purchase excellent vegan baked items, either from Amazon. Stab them a few times with a fork, so the steam produced during baking can vent.

Bake at F C for 35 to 70 minutes. The larger your vegetables, the longer the required baking time. Vegan Substitutes in Non-Vegan Baked Recipes Once upon a time, vegans had to make big adaptions to baking recipes in order to cut out the eggs and butter. You can subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email below! Why Go Vegan? Our Top Cookbook Choice:. Top Vegan Cookbooks. Veganize It! Recommended Books. For example, more sugar, dairy, and oil in a recipe, seem to result in a softer crumb. But one problem I have consistently had with your recipes in the original Five, and with others, is that the bread has a tendency to fall apart, much like a cake might.

For example, using the bread for a meat sandwich usually results in me holding the meat in my hand while the ketchup covered bread ends up in a pile of pieces on my plate. An ambitious sandwich like a hamburger is a complete disaster.

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So what are the factors in bread which will make my bread more elastic, and less crumbly after it is baked? The stretch comes from the gluten development. Which recipe are you trying to use for your burger buns? Zoe, I have been using your recipies for 2 yrs now, and am beginning to experiment a bit. Although I have learned lots.. Possibly you could include this on the web page? Thanx Alan. In the meantime, I just watched a great class on Craftsy that goes into the science of bread baking. It is just enough to give an understanding of all the different ingredients and how you can play with them to achieve the bread you want.

Your pretzel recipe first book is fantastic. It got me wondering: what is the purpose of making the water basic? And have you ever tested what happens if you boil the pretzel dough in acidic water? Lye is traditionally used in the boiling bath, it effects the color of the dough. If you try it, please let me know what the results are. Can you please expound? Are you reducing the flour a bit? Or increasing the water?

How exactly shall I accommodate the use of less VWG. Your help would be very much appreciated. Hi, Im not sure if my question was posted right, or got missed, buy I was wondering if I can add more whole wheat flour to the European Peasant Bread on page 94 in the artisan book. I am assuming I would need to adjust the water. Also, I saw that on the olive bread in the same book, you use a cornstarch wash. What does that do? Thanks, Melissa. You can add more whole wheat flour, but you will also need to increase the water.

If you want to do more than a couple of cups of whole wheat flour, you may need to add some vital wheat gluten to the dough, especially if you want to store it for more than a few days.

The cornstarch wash is the traditional way to get a shiny crust, but we actually find that brushing with water is almost as effective. Thank you Zoe!


I actually just ordered the healthy bread book a few days ago so that should be great! Hi again! For the whole wheat with out gluten that you put the link in this comment thread, I was wondering about adding ground flax seed.

If I put in 2 or 3 tablespoons do I need to adjust the water? Not sure how long to bake them for. Can you make the Whole wheat bread from Healthy bread in 5 minutes book in the slow cooker crock pot?

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Can I occasionally stir to correct? Can I know why the dough should rise and collapse? Our stuff is a little denser than typical, and if you want to address that—decrease the water a little, maybe two tablespoons or so. It might not store quite as well. I tried making a dough with just leftover dough. The first batch rose when I used about a half a pound of dough from a earlier batch.

It rose slower, which I expected. I tried to start a second batch with a half pound of that dough.

This time I let the dough sit out for a few hours. I thought it would be better at room temp. I forgot about it until just before bedtime. I made a dough without added yeast and left it sitting out overnight. It was out for about 5 hours. When I woke up it had not risen. I considered adding yeast, but i noticed some air pockets and thought maybe it needs more time and a warmer environment.

I turned my oven on to preheat to bake some dough I have in the refrigerator.

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  • I put the dough next to the oven and crossed my fingers. There has been no movement for an hour. You can always get spent dough to rise if you can work yeast into it. Also what is a pizza peel? Thanks, Doby. I think my question got lost somewhere. Thank you! Can I put it in the fridge and bake it later? I know it will continue to rise a little should I put it in before it fully rises?

    How long should I wait to bake it after it comes out of the fridge? I am baking for one— do you have a small-batch recipe that will yield a much smaller amount? I was just wondering if there was a basic way to decrease the recipes so it would yield a smaller amount.