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The Eros who met Psyche is the son of Aphrodite , a very wicked boy as some say, lacking all manners, and spending his time in running all night long from building to building, and with his arrows breaking up respectable homes. Psyche worshipped for her beauty.

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Psyche was one of the three daughters of an otherwise unknown king and his queen. All three sisters were very beautiful, but Psyche's beauty was beyond description. People would talk about her as if she were Aphrodite incarnated as a mortal.

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Her beauty was such that she was regarded as a new Goddess of Love, and as her Fame spread many came from distant countries to witness this extraordinary wonder. Aphrodite neglected. As a result, the shrines of Aphrodite were empty and her festivals neglected, and instead of visiting the temples of this sweet goddess, people made long pilgrimages to see the greatest beauty of their time, the princess Psyche. In this way they started worshipping Psyche, scattering flowers in her path, and addressing her by the titles that belong to lovely Aphrodite. Ridiculous cult. The goddess disliked this state of affairs, as there is nothing more ridiculous than when a mortal is regarded and honoured as a god.

For, however brilliant a human may be, there is no way of comparing a mortal, who walks upon the dirty mud of earth, with the subtle delicacy of those who inhabit Heaven. Possible remedy.

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  5. So, as so many had lost their minds worshipping a mortal as a god, Aphrodite thought the time had come to put things right, and calling her darling son Eros , she instructed him to shoot his arrows against the girl, and thus make her fall in love with some kind of accomplished outcast of a man, the worst specimen of the human race he could find, lacking rank, fortune, character, intelligence, courage, and whatever good quality one could think of, and being in the most perfect state of degradation.

    Psyche feels miserable.

    psyche (n.)

    During all this time Psyche got not satisfaction at all, because men, instead of falling in love with her in a plain way, stared at her, praised her, and paid her all kinds of honours, without ever daring to make love to her. So while her elder sisters were married to kings, the mass of admirers and worshippers were still treating her like a wonderful statue. And because of this absurd situation, Psyche, who had remained single, started feeling miserable, and began to hate that same beauty of hers, which had turned her into an object of cult.

    The Oracle. Even her father started fearing that this inconvenient cult might upset the gods, which inevitably happens when humans transgress the limits of their nature, acting as if they were someone else. So he went to the Apollo 's Oracle at Miletus, and there he asked where he was to find a husband for her daughter, given that all men showed such an abnormal behavior.

    But the answer he received was of no consolation, since the Oracle declared that Psyche was to marry a horrible monster on the top of a mountain. The Day of the Wedding. There she stopped crying and fell asleep, and when she awoke she walked towards a near-by wood, and in its very heart she found a palace, so wonderfully built that she knew at once that this was the residence of a god. The first night. When she had walked among the many wonders treasured in this fabulous castle, a voice coming from nowhere informed her that the castle was hers, and gently invited her to rest in the bedroom while she awaited her bath and the wedding banquet.

    When later the banquet was over, she went to her bedroom, and while she lay awake in the dark she heard the gentle whisper of her unknown husband, as he was climbing into bed with her. But after having made love to her, her husband left her, just before daybreak. And in this way night after night her husband paid her visit, without ever showing himself.

    Meanwhile, Psyche's parents and sisters were wasted in grief and tears believing her dead, and the sisters reunited with the parents in order to console them. And when her sisters started searching for her, the unknown husband warned Psyche not to listen or look at them if she wanted to avoid utter ruin and unhappiness. Psyche's anxiety.

    But when she again saw herself left alone by this lovely but still mysterious husband, she felt like a prisoner in the wonderful palace, even forbidden to relieve the minds of her worried sisters. And as she knew nothing better than crying, and at the same time said that she would die unless she were allowed to see her lovely sisters, her unknown husband consented. However, he warned her that her sisters were evil-minded women, and would try to make her discover how he looked like; and that if she ever agreed to this it would be the end of her happiness, and she would lose him for ever.

    On hearing this Psyche, calling him "soul of my soul" and thanking him many times, said that she never would consent to such a thing. So he, overcome by her and his own love, however reluctantly, promised to arrange the visit of her sisters, and as always disappeared at daybreak. Psyche's sisters come to visit her. Next day the West Wind brought Psyche's sisters from the top of the mountain to the castle, and as the unknown husband had said, they started to feel miserably jealous as soon as they arrived and saw the wonderful abode of Psyche.

    And as it is the case in such circumstances, they thought that Psyche was really not worth such goddess-like prosperity, for themselves, if they had the chance, they would know better than her how to make proper use of such masses of jewels, embroidered dresses, floors made of gems and set in gold, and all other marvels. Misery grows.

    So, having been confronted with such tremendous wealth, the sisters now saw their own husbands, not as kings as they really were, but rather as beggars, and their own palaces they judged to be shabby homes; and having received presents from Psyche, they decided not to show them to anybody, and not even mention that Psyche was still alive.

    For through such a simple device they intended to deprive Psyche of the pleasure of being rich, because, what pleasure is to be found in possessions, they reasoned, if nobody knows about it?

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    But for the future they agreed to think of a way of making this proud Psyche a little bit more humble, and so to say, bring her back to reality. New visit, new warning.

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    The god knew that a storm was about to come with the sisters' next visit, and he once more warned Psyche not to speak a word about him, as the sisters were scheming for their destruction and would finally urge the now pregnant Psyche to look at her husband's face. But as Psyche insisted, and now she even argued that it would be bad for the baby if she felt unhappy, the god, out of love, consented again, and as before disappeared at daybreak. Sowing Doubt. When the sisters paid a new visit, they reminded Psyche of Apollo 's oracle, and carefully put into her mind that she was perhaps lying all nights with a poisonous snake.

    And as doubt became the master of Psyche's mind, the sisters found her ready to receive their bold instructions: to prepare a lamp and a knife for the night and to wait for her husband's sleep, and then, with the light to assist her, plunge the knife in her husband's neck and cut off his head.

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    8. Preparing crime. Psyche, determined to follow the instructions, went back to her room, and like anybody fostering such intentions, her mind was like a storm. For this way of solving troubles never fails to create even greater worries from the very beginning. But the course of action had been decided, and when the moment came she uncovered the lamp and let its light shine on the bed.

      PSYCHE (Psykhe) - Greek Goddess of the Soul

      The god discovered. Well done! But no need for the murderous knife! For there was no poisonous snake, but the sweet and beautiful god gently sleeping. Psyche could now not stop staring at his beauty. Examining his weapons, she pulled an arrow out of the quiver, and on touching the point with his finger to try its sharpness, she pressed too hard and pierced the skin, and out came a drop of blood. This is is how Psyche was wounded by the love weapons of Eros , falling desperately in love with him, forgetting everything, and letting the lamp drop on the god's shoulder, who awakening spread his wings and flew away without a word.

      But as Psyche had seized his leg, Eros , flying down, returned her to the ground, and there explained to her how he had disobeyed his mother Aphrodite and fallen in love with her, and how he now would be flying away from her, which happened immediately. Psyche's requital.

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      Psyche discovers Eros. Mentioned in? References in classic literature?

      View in context. Lady Wetherby, having got the Dance of Psyche out of her system, and replaced it with a glass of iced coffee, was inclined for conversation. I have stolen away from the crowd in the groves, Where the nude statues stand, and the leaves point and shiver At ivy-crowned Bacchus, the Queen of the Loves, Pandora and Psyche , struck voiceless forever.

      Was it not like the old fairy tales, the you-help-us and we'll-help-you of Psyche and the ants? If now we were to try to penetrate to the soul of Quasimodo through that thick, hard rind; if we could sound the depths of that badly constructed organism; if it were granted to us to look with a torch behind those non-transparent organs to explore the shadowy interior of that opaque creature, to elucidate his obscure corners, his absurd no-thoroughfares, and suddenly to cast a vivid light upon the soul enchained at the extremity of that cave, we should, no doubt, find the unhappy Psyche in some poor, cramped, and ricketty attitude, like those prisoners beneath the Leads of Venice, who grew old bent double in a stone box which was both too low and too short for them.

      He asserted that he was going to pick more than anyone that day, but mother; of course no one could pick so much as mother; that reminded him of the trials which Aphrodite put upon the curious Psyche , and he began to tell his children the story of her love for the unseen bridegroom. Under the chaplain's guidance they selected many hideous presents and mementoes-- florid little picture-frames that seemed fashioned in gilded pastry; other little frames, more severe, that stood on little easels, and were carven out of oak; a blotting book of vellum; a Dante of the same material; cheap mosaic brooches, which the maids, next Christmas, would never tell from real; pins, pots, heraldic saucers, brown art-photographs; Eros and Psyche in alabaster; St.

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