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He'd show'ly feel mightly slighted, de Presydent would, ef we did'n sen' 'im no mo' talk dan dat.

XXXI, No. Doggie and Mo Shendish and a few other staunch souls got McPhail back to quarters without much trouble. Mo'n one 'ud be likely to spoil sign, Mormon, mo'n one is likely to advertise we're comin'.

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Den ole marster tuk sick and died an' ole missus she say she hab ter sell us all, kase she didn't hab no money any mo'. Felt mo' out of sorts Than ever befo', So he went on a rampage My ole boy Joe. W'en hit 's 'possum dat you eatin', 'Simmon beer is moughty sweet; But fu' evahday consumin' 'D ain't no mo'tal way to beat Des' 'lasses an' watah, 'lasses an' watah.

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And thereto hath a troth as just As had Penelope the fair; For what she saith, ye may it trust, As it by writing sealed were; And virtues hath she many mo Than I with pen have skill to show. Mais acessados. Todos Rock Gospel Sertanejo Mais.

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Media Player Winamp. Davy [ C ] Davy [ G ] Crockett.

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Off through the woods he went [ C ] marching [ G ] along. Making up yarns [ A7 ] and a singing a [ D7 ] song. Fought single-handed through [ C ] the Indian [ G ] War. Till the tribes went west and [ A7 ] peace was in [ D7 ] store.

He went off to Congress and [ C ] served a [ G ] spell. Fixing up the government [ A7 ] and laws as [ D7 ] well.

He heard of Houston and [ C ] Austin and [ G ] so.